“Novatech Oil” was established in the year 2016 producing Rice Bran Oil products with realization of the valuable nutrition of Indian rice bran.

We are into manufacturing and supply of Crude Rice Bran Oil and it’s byproduct De Oiled Rice Bran.

Under the business concept that focuses on quality, safety and environmental consciousness. We focus on development of the product, technology and production capacity. The development of the potentiality of product delivery and improvements in high-quality and consistent services ensure that the product meets the specifications of our customers. The company is concerned with society and the environment at all times.

Now “Novatech Oil” is the manufacturer of high quality Rice Bran Oil, Crude Rice Bran Oil and Defatted Rice Bran along with related innovative products, for distribution within India and Export to more than 30 countries worldwide.
We are one of the leaders of the Rice Bran Oil business and Rice-Bran-based products which is well recognized internationally.

Novatech Oil is a part of Novatech Group of Companies, which has a diversified portfolio ranging from Engineering to Agro Products.



Cost is a crucial deciding factor for making a purchase, we offer our products at a very competitive price-point whilst maintaining high quality standards.


We carry out stringent Quality Control Practices for our Produce and Manufacturing Plant. This results in repeated orders by our clients.

Timely Delivery

We provide freight delivery throughout India and abroad using our extensive logistics network.


We make sure that our supplies are always on time and we are always in capacity to supply as per our customer’s demand.



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